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    My Elvis Costello sig Jazzmaster. My main guitar, fell in love with it at first sight and didn’t even know it was an EC sig until I got it home (which I don’t mind, big Costello fan). swapped in a Mastery bridge and it’s perfect. Couch deadstock strap, Bullet coily cable.

    Might start posting gear shots while music is worked on and I’m working on various photography projects already. maybe.

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    Electro Harmonics Cathedral Reverb - Infinite Mode Switch Mod (demo)

    another old demo video of some of the gear I use. in this case, I’ve modified the EHX Cathedral Reverb to include a jack, allowing the infinite mode to be enabled and left on via an external switch, freeing you to walk away from the pedal and leave the infinite reverb on without holding the stock switch down. The same results can be achieved by replacing the switch with a latching switch, but this mod leaves the original functionality, including tap tempo for the delay, fully intact.

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    Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper v2 LFO out into WMD Geiger Counter - Pt. 2 of 2

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    Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper v2 LFO out into WMD Geiger Counter - Pt. 1 of 2

    an old demo of some of my gear, more the functionality than anything close to the sounds & style I use them for. this video: showing how the LFO out on the Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper v2 tremolo can be used to control the WMD Geiger Counter bitcrusher.

    Signal path: Fender Elvis Costello Jazzmaster \ WMD Geiger Counter \ Fender Twin Amp. other pedals in the background (Blackstone Appliances Mosfet Overdrive, Penny Pedals Fingerprint fuzz, Electro Harmonix Micro Pog) are not included in the chain.